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Business, like life itself, can surprise you. When we started Visual Changes twenty-eight years ago, it began as a simple family-owned hair salon. From the beginning we did our best to serve our clients with quality work, a good price, and a family-friendly atmosphere. When our clients kept coming back, and frequently referred new clients to us, we knew we were here to stay.

Over the years the needs of our clients grew, and we-in turn-adapted to meet these needs. We never envisioned that we would grow to what we are today… a full service Aveda Concepts Salon and Spa!  One of only three in all of Howard County! So yes, we’re proud to say it… we’ve gone green! For more on Aveda, please click here.

Opening and running a business in the community we live in has brought us immeasurable rewards. We’ve raised Breast Cancer awareness, and have continued to support the local Chamber of Commerce, school system, and various charities; like our friends at Together, we’ve developed lasting relationships that may not have been possible without the salon. For this, we’re sincerely grateful.

It may sound like a commercial, but we here at Visual Changes desire to make your stay not just luxurious, but memorable. We feel so strongly about how you view your experiences with us that we’ll do everything in our power to make it a pleasant one. So, expect a smile, a “Hello!” and even a cup of your favorite drink as you settle in.

If you’re new to us, we welcome you with open arms, and if a returning client, well… we miss you already.


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