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To Our Many Clients,

We understand there has been much confusion and chaos in recent weeks over our quick transition as a company. As many of you know, this has never been our style in business and is not our way to handle our affairs and our clients, many of whom we have built deep relationships with. I hope this letter gives you a window into understanding what has transpired, what is currently happening and what the future holds for us and you!

As many of you received by email, we sent a letter letting you know that after much thought and discussion, Visual Changes had decided to step away from the spa business as well as from our location of 9 years in an effort to stay true to our core values which is a company built on trust and appreciation. What exactly does that mean? It meant that we felt that we could not provide spa services in a way that held up to our standard of excellence both technically and experience-wise without financially becoming a challenge for both pricing for our guests and for our team. It also meant that for our team, we felt that we had grown stagnant. We have been able to cultivate a group of women (that have now truly proven loyalty!) in our hair department that could not fully be rewarded for their knowledge, skill and commitment to our mission of taking care of our guests in a wonderful, relaxed environment that gave great accommodations with being over-priced for quality products and service. To us as owners, that wasn’t something that was acceptable anymore. The climate in business had changed so much that it was time for change for all of us. Unfortunately, where we were was not a place that could support our changes despite trying to make things work. This was not by any means a quick decision that was not thought through but unfortunately timing was not on our side for our journey. So on to the next chapter!

What is currently happening! We shut down our spa, temporarily moved into a salon just a quick jump up route 40 and began working 7 days a week with some crazy schedules to try to accommodate everyone. Unfortunately, after 5 weeks, the arrangements weren’t able to remain as discussed and it was time to find a temporary home as we work on our permanent home.

One of the most wonderful things about our industry is the network you become involved with when joining certain product lines. Aveda is one of those special networks. As we began thinking of what would be the perfect situation for our guests, Salon Marielle became the obvious choice to join forces with for our temporary home. Maryanne and Rachel, also a parent-child duo, have been very gracious in working with us to allow us to come under their roof starting on November 13. We will be working the same hours as them and getting back to a little more normal schedule for everyone, working Tuesdays through Thursdays 10am to 7pm and Fridays/Saturdays 9am to 5pm. Our team will be doing their absolute best during these times to fit every one of our clients in for their hair appointments. You have probably heard one or many of them on the phones calling you to discuss your appointment! Salon Marielle is an Aveda Concept Salon and will have all your aveda product needs as well as aveda holiday gift sets! They are located in Historic Ellicott City at 8239 Main Street. You will still contact us for your appointments at 410.461.2421. We look forward to working together with them and are very grateful for the aveda network. If we cannot get you in, we will be happy to refer you to one of their stylists as well because right now, your happiness is our priority.

As for the future! Some things have changed since we first closed our location, but our intentions have stayed the same. We will be opening as a Hair Salon and Makeup Studio. Our ownership and management will be changing around some in the structure as well as one VERY large change that you can see starting now… A Name Change! We are very excited to announce a bit of a new beginning for us and unveiling the name of our next step as Thirty Hair. Expect to start seeing everything transition over in the next week or two. Your hair stylists will be staying the same. Your expectations of a great haircut and/or color, a warm smile and fun conversation, and consistent great experience will get better with time. We cannot give you details or a time frame yet but we have high hopes to spend the Christmas holiday as a salon team in a new salon home!

We thank you for sticking with us through our wild and chaotic journey. Personally, I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the warm wishes, offerings of help, and even the offerings for just a listening ear. The best blessings that have come from this have been to have my team surround me at my kitchen table laughing and remembering why we are on this journey—because we love what we do and are committed to the mission of taking care of our guests in the way we feel is unique to us—in an honest, caring environment without being stuffy or uptight yet giving a great experience with a fabulous haircut and style. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Ed and Sarah McGee

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